TRYCON İNŞAAT GAYRİMENKUL A.Ş. has managed to grow as a leader in its business, to add value to its country and nation, and to keep its quality at the highest level in services such as Housing Projects, Industrial Buildings (Factory Constructions, Animal Farms and Treatment Plants) with the knowledge and experience gained since the day it was established.

Realizing innovative projects with its knowledge and experience, our company has been successful with its productive workforce, advanced technology, being open to innovation and development at all times, and its determination and goal of achieving the difficult.

Starting every one of its projects with the slogan "Properties Worth Seeing, Beauties Worth Living”, our company has transformed its slogan into a generally accepted idea.

With the aim of adding value to its country, our company continues to move forward with the firm and stable steps in the sector.

By using the most advanced technology in Architecture and Practice, customer satisfaction is achieved with the principle of delivery on time.

Our Shared Values; Trycon İnşaat employees work together with all stakeholders by sharing the common values.

People-Orientation; Giving importance to employee satisfaction and health. Carrying out corporate and social responsibility projects. Appreciating the work and employees. Being aware of the needs and expectations of all its stakeholders. Creating a powerful future together with its stakeholder by managing the feedback received from them.

Transparency; Being transparent in the satisfaction of employees, customers and stakeholders. Being a reliable and fair company that can establish open communication with everyone. Cooperating with stakeholders by creating synergy and being a company that learns, teaches, works as a team and works with solution partners.

Innovativeness; Following technological innovations closely, managing changes with an implementing approach, being different. Being an innovative company that encourages employee competence and innovation. Finding and implementing technologies that are sensitive to society and environment-friendly.



ADDRESS : Tabaklar Mahallesi Hüsnü EKEN Sokak No:4/2

Karacabey / BURSA / TURKEY

TELEPHONE : +90 224 676 87 70

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